Patrick is available for consulting for both individuals and groups of archers. Unfortunately his time is under quite a lot of pressure due to training demands but please use the contact form below to arrange sessions. 



£45 per hour - negotiable for regular contact time

45p per mile travel expense

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Individuals - an individual archer can hire Patrick to come along to a club session or home shooting arena for individual coaching. He is totally flexible on what to work on if the archer does not have specific preferences.  See list below. Individual sessions last for a minimum of 2 hours. 


Groups - Patrick enjoys working with groups of archers, particularly groups of shooting partners or club members. He will usually have the whole group shoot for a period to assess them and then begin to coach individuals as to need.  He will pick one of those without the need for any large technical changes and do a demonstration bow set up with them. Group sessions last for a minimum of 4 hours but preferably longer. 


Areas available:


Technique coaching - From Beginners to international athletes Patrick can find errors, analyse and help to improve your technique with a breadth of knowledge from years in high performance archery

Equipment - Set up, tuning, fine tuning including stabilzer tuning (angles and weight distribution for optimum shooting platform)

Psychology - Competition mindset and preparation, General performance enhancement, on the line focus and much more

Nutrition - Patrick is well schooled in diet planning for optimum recovery in training aswell as optimum competition day performance.

Strength and conditioning - Whilst not a qualified S&C coach, Patrick can give educated suggestions as to the kinds of exercises and conditioning drills you can do to enhance your archery